Wonderful Online Wind Turbine Generator Kit 400Watt 12V +Controller+Flange



1.Net weight: 9.0kg
2.Packing size: 68*28*21cm
3.Number of Blades: 3pcs
4.Blades Material: Nylon fiber
5.Generator: Three phase AC permanent magnet synchronous generator
6.Control System: Electromagnetic/Wind wheel partial side
7.Direction Regulation Method: Automatically adjust windward direction
8.Working Temperature: -40℃-80℃
9.Tower Type: Guyed tower
10.Gross weight: 9.5kg
11.The length of the cable outside the wind turbine generator is 250mm.
12.Wind Turbine Generator Voltage: 12V
13.Rated Battery Voltage: 12V(We don’t offer battery, but you can choose battery based on our advice. 12V wind turbine-12V battery, 24V wind turbine-24V battery)

1.Carbon steel body, compact, safe.
2.With epoxy zinc rich primer and polyurethane anti-corrosion treatment.
3.Intelligent automatic grease injection, which ensure flexible running and durable life
4.Patented permanent magnet AC generator with special stator.
5.effectively reduce torque.
6.Reinforced glass fiber blades,matched with optimized aerodynamic shape and structure.
7.Using patented permanent magnet rotor AC generator and special stator, it effectively reduces torque resistance, makes wind turbines and generators have more good matching characteristic and guarantees the stability.
8.It is perfect for green windmill, homes, businesses, and industrial energy supplementation!
9.Turbines with low power can constantly charge. Electricity consumption is related to the capacity of the battery, and the output power is more dependent on the wind speed than the rated power of the turbine.Such as a 200W wind turbine can get 500W to 1000W even more output power by using inverter and large capacity battery.

1.Green energy.
2.Low start-up speed: 2.3m/s.
3.Blades using nylon fiber.
4.Patented permanent magnet AC generator
5.Energy production 1000KW·H each year


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